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Enjoy the Silence

Gobi DesertOff on my Spring Social Media Break now, and won't be back before June at the earliest. Feel free to leave comments while I'm away, as I will respond when I get back to blogging at the start of the Summer months. I am planning to do more game posts over at when I get back, so it might be quiet for a while on Only a Game... or I may not be able to keep my mouth shut, we'll see!  (Long-time readers can probably guess which it will be...) Either way, there's a vast back catalogue of philosophical nonsense here that you're welcome to peruse, and if you haven't done so already, I heartily recommend this year's Ascenturian Saga for a rollicking read.

Be good to one another when you can. Your disagreements with others cannot be proof of their evil, but they are opportunities to learn about those others we are sharing this planet with. Go in peace, look with compassion, listen in love, speak your truth, and own your mistakes whenever you can. 

With unlimited love,


The game will return later this year.