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Eighteen Today

Candles 18It is with a certain misplaced pride that I celebrate Only a Game turning eighteen today. The blog is now old enough to drink in the city of Manchester, United Kingdom, where I just left, but still not old enough to go drinking in Nashville, TN, where I now am situated. My satisfaction is not so much grounded in the fact that we've lasted eighteen years, because this blog is nothing like what it was back in 2005! It is rather that since my first Substack, WAMTNG, reached one year of age two weeks ago, it is clear that my moving into Substack hasn't removed the need for me to have an outlet for my long-form rambling. While I am far happier putting most of my energy into Stranger Worlds, which has grown to the same size as WAMTNG in half the time, it makes me smile that I still have here to retreat to, my little Fortress of Scholartude, to write longer essays and pontificate while stroking my beard thoughtfully.

With unlimited love to all the Players of the Game,




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