New Poll: Sequels & Licenses

It's a fact of the games industry that most people buy sequels and licensed games in preference to new and original titles. So think about the last four games you purchased - how many were original games? How many were licenses (or even double licenses like LEGO Star Wars)? How many were sequels? Confess!

Enjoy your weekends!

New Poll: Non-violent Role-Playing Game

I've put up a new poll which asks whether or not you would consider buying a computer role-playing game which offered you the option to play either violently or non-violently. I'm sure many players can deduce the secret meaning behind this poll, but for now I shall say nothing. If you want to comment on the poll, this is the place!

Have a great weekend everyone

New Poll: Volume of Content

I've fallen into a comfortable rhythm now, posting Tuesday to Friday, and I have managed to cut down on the over-long posts (somewhat!) by breaking them up into serials. Now that these changes are bedded in, what do you think about the volume of content here on Only a Game? Still too much? Just right? Or do you crave the flood of nonsense we used to have in the crazy days! The poll is up now.

Have a great weekend everyone!

New Poll: Save Games


What do you think about save games? Do you need absolute control over them, or do you prefer when the game deals with all that sort of thing automatically? There's a new poll about save game schema in the sidebar; I think it's about time we re-opened this topic now the term "next generation" is starting to sound anachronistic. How much ratcheted progress do you need to enjoy a game? What save game mechanisms are your favourites from the videogames you've been playing? Let me know in the comments!

Have a fun weekend everyone!

New Poll: Spring Census!

Simply tick all the boxes for the elements of Only a Game that you enjoy, and leave blank anything you ignore. Feel free to leave more detailed comments here if you like!

Note that I will be trying out some new departments in the Spring, including Science Fiction & Fantasy and Card games. Anything else you want to see? Leave a note here! Thanks in advance for your comments!