New Poll: Freedom to Fail

This new poll ties in with today's Games post. Most of the people who come here are gamer hobbyists, so I don't expect to find many advocates for Freedom to Fail. It'll certainly be interesting to see how many - if any - choose this option.

New Poll: Death Policies in Multiplayer FPS

Sadly, the hectic pace of work in the run up to the Winter Festival has disrupted blogging this week, so all I can offer for Wednesday this week is a new poll. The subject is the death policy used in multiplayer first person shooters.

Some videogame modes follow the pattern of a typical LaserQuest/LaserTag game, in which players who are hit are knocked out for a short while, but then return to the game. We see this, for instance, in games such as the multiplayer mode of Halo and many other popular games. We can call this the respawning death policy, I suppose. This style of play tends to be frantic and chaotic, and favours players who wish to play in an aggressive, adversarial style.

However, some videogame modes follow the pattern of a typical Paintball game, in which palyers who are hit are knocked out of that round and don't return until the next. We see this, for instance,  in games such as Counter-Strike. We can call this the knockout death policy. The obvious cost is that players who get knocked out have to wait to get back to the paly, but this is weighed off against a more tense and exciting game (with possibly a greater fiero payoff for winners). Plus, one can play in this form on a lower difficulty in order to reach a flow state more easily (because play is not broken up with constant dying as in the respawning policy).

So, all you players of multiplayer First Person Shooters - which death policy do you prefer? Or, do you not mind about the death policy but have a preference for playing in teams or playing alone? You can find the poll in the sidebar, and I welcome discussion of the issue here in the comments.