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Atta lads! Doubt you, they said. Nay, nay said I!

Ho Ho, i've been enjoying tinkering with my demo version. She's simply grand!

Could i ask about the movement, for a moment? seems as though i cannot move through the world as fast as i would like. Perhaps i'm just a nibble apprehensive, but i want to charge to the NORTH--and then--TO THE EAST! and it feels like its intentionally slowed. Reminds me of Rouge like games, i have to move for the calculation of the world to be complete.

Can i run through the hills and off into the fields at a greater pace?

looking forward to some battle scenes and ferocious battle tunes! Something regal like our Cathedral (and Collegiate Church of St Mary, St Denys and St George)! eh? haha.


Hey Jesse!
Thanks for your continued support - and what uncanny timing you have! We just discussed this in the current scrum.

The current movement implementation is as follows:
- The player selects movement
- The player moves
- After movement is completed, encounters in the area move
- Only after all encounters have moved can you move again.

Now as you've noted here, and I've been experiencing myself when I play, the delay while encounters move is an irritation. What we think we can do is modify encounter movement so that:

(a) encounters you will enter the same space as are 'locked' to allow you to complete the encounter
(b) all other encounters move as you move

If that works, it will tighten up movement and let you zwoosh around much more rapidly. I am also investigating with Nathan, the programmer, whether we can make the actual speed of movement faster when you are all on horseback (the fastest movement in the game) for super rapid travel. Might also speed up the camels a bit. ;)

Alas, Nathan is entrenched in the battle implementation, so we can't address this immediately, but it will be part of the 'cost of living' update that includes the new FOV change.

Thanks for bringing this up! You will get your wish... sometime in May, I should think. :)


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